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Maths tutoring - My work

My tutoring methods will depend upon just what you seek from the sessions. If you wish to have an additional lesson in the day, we can devote more time learning the topic from the syllabus of your program. This would mainly concentrate on concept as well as understanding.

An additional option is an extra reviewing-based lesson where we study material a little faster than that of a lesson. It would certainly include 1 or 2 questions at the end of the lesson to ensure your comprehension is good. The very best way to do this, in my point of view, is to go over the material you studied in class 1-3 weeks previously.

If you intend to gain the very leading grades, the best method to perfect this is to cover as many exam enquiries as feasible. This likewise helps concrete in the theory behind each question. In these style sessions we would only study previous test questions which would be excellent in the last few weeks leading up to examinations.

I feel the most effective way for measuring development is simply sitting down and doing a previous paper. I would happily mark some previous papers that you do in your free time.

If you feel I appear wonderful however there's something else you'd want from the sessions, please inform me and I will certainly try my best to match your requests.